s2p: Satellite Stereo Pipeline
Please cite the reference article if you publish results obtained with this online demo.

The algorithm ran in 298.43 seconds. The selected crop is displayed hereafter in the reference and secondary images, as well as the generated height map (resampled on the reference image grid). The generated 3D point cloud is displayed in a pop-up window. These results may be best viewed with a desktop point cloud viewer (e.g.: CloudCompare, MeshLab, LidarViewer...), as well as the 12 bits input images. All the images are requantized to 8 bits for displaying on this web page.

Download all the results: s2p_results.zip

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Restart this algorithm with new data:

Click here to display the 3D point cloud with POTREE, or for XB-PointStream

  "roi": {
    "y": 33496, 
    "x": 28018, 
    "w": 960, 
    "h": 978
  "dsm_resolution": 4, 
  "out_dir": "s2p_results", 
  "color": "panchro_xs", 
  "srtm_url": "http://data_public:GDdci@data.cgiar-csi.org/srtm/tiles/GeoTIFF", 
  "disp_range_method": "sift", 
  "tif_paths": "['pleiades/calanques/im_panchro_01.tif', 'pleiades/calanques/im_panchro_02.tif', 'pleiades/calanques/im_panchro_03.tif']", 
  "skip_existing": false, 
  "sift_match_thresh": 0.4, 
  "images": [
      "cld": null, 
      "roi": null, 
      "rpc": "rpc_01.xml", 
      "img": "img_01.tif", 
      "clr": "img_01_clr.tif"
      "rpc": "rpc_02.xml", 
      "img": "img_02.tif"
      "rpc": "rpc_03.xml", 
      "img": "img_03.tif"
  "disp_min": null, 
  "matching_algorithm": "mgm", 
  "offset_ply": false, 
  "msk_erosion": 2, 
  "color_ply": true, 
  "use_pleiades_unsharpening": true, 
  "disp_range_srtm_high_margin": 100, 
  "tile_size": 1000, 
  "dsm_nb_tiles": 5, 
  "dzi_paths": "['input/pleiades/calanques/im_panchro_8BITS_01.dzi', 'input/pleiades/calanques/im_panchro_8BITS_02.dzi', 'input/pleiades/calanques/im_panchro_8BITS_03.dzi']", 
  "srtm_dir": "/home/carlo/code/ipol_demo/app/workshop_s2p/bin/.srtm", 
  "subsampling_factor": 2, 
  "nb_img": 3, 
  "max_nb_threads": null, 
  "subsampling_factor_registration": 1.0, 
  "temporary_dir": "tmp", 
  "fusion_thresh": 3, 
  "epipolar_thresh": 0.5, 
  "pointing_correction_rois_mode": "automatic", 
  "fusion_conservative": false, 
  "clean_tmp": true, 
  "disp_range_extra_margin": 0.2, 
  "disp_max": null, 
  "mosaic_method": "piio", 
  "n_gcp_per_axis": 5, 
  "disp_range_srtm_low_margin": -10, 
  "full_img": false, 
  "debug": false

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